Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another Great Day

Tonight when my Dad, Olivia and I got home my Mom already had dinner on the grill and she and Ellen were preparing the rest in the kitchen. Now that I am not home all day, I feel like I miss out on so much time with my little sisters and cousins, but today, Ellen was on duty with the camera handy, ready to snap a few shots of the kids while the sun was shining and the temp. was up! Ruby and Crystal went to a baking lesson and brought back some delicious treats and some cousins came over to play and swim. Tonight, after dinner, I went with Olivia to get her hair cut, while a lot of the cousins went over to Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Molly's house for a bonfire. When we got back we went to Uncle John and Aunt Leah's house. We all sat on the back porch talking and having a grand time (this is one of my favorite things during the summer) God has blessed me with wonderful family and friends and I am a so thankful that He gave me this life in which I can glorify and enjoy Him forever!

I will post pictures from our night at the Tacoma Rainiers last week as soon as I can borrow Joe's camera. (I was such a flake and forgot mine)
Ruby and Emma in the pool

"I can do it by myself"

"I wonder how big this carrot is, Karen?"

who can resist?

Dinner on the back patio

A bonefire at the Krawczyk's


  1. Looks like fun! It's those, not too special, getting to be with your family, nights, that we really enjoy.

  2. Looks like lots of fun! O love having bon fires at night- and just being able to talk or sing! I know what you mean about working and not being able to spend time with people as much. Even though I work close to home, I still sometimes miss being able to just go over to someones house and talk!