Thursday, September 2, 2010

Take Me out to the Ball Game

Last night Ellen and I went to the Mariners with a crew of friends-fourteen people to be exact. The game began at seven, so we left at four o’clock, and good thing we did, because there was a traffic jam, so after sojourning very slowly for about two hours, we finally reached Safeco field. As many of you know, the Seattle Mariners are not the greatest team in baseball; actually they are the worst team in the AL West, and 3rd worst out of all MLB teams. No matter. When it comes to the Mariners I am no die-hard fan, my Mom might be, but I certainly am not. We made it to our seats and ate our dinner (delicious), just in time for the singing of the National Anthem; I will spare you the details. Of course the bums lost, what’s new? To tell you the truth, we didn’t really watch lots of the game, but we had a grand time, and I mean GRAND.

Safeco Field

Sue & Anna

Susie & Lydia

Dan, John and Steven

Abby & Bonnie

Anna, Ruth and Ellen

Sarah (and Franklin Gutierrez)

Bonnie & Ellen


  1. WOW- looks like fun! How did you plan all this with everybody?

  2. Sarah Hill planned it and we happily agreed.

  3. I just go there for the food (when I do go , which is rarely) - Kettle Korn, Red Ropes, and Ivar's clam chowder. Yeah.