Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just Desserts

Over the last couple of days, I have been on a baking frenzy. I'm not much of a cook but I have a couple things that I can make pretty well. Some of these include chocolate chip cookies, any kind of cobbler( peach, apple, blackberry etc.), chocolate cupcakes, and pear and apple tarts. So Yesterday, after all my jobs were finished, I started making an apple tart with the "help" of Philip O'connor. After we had finished peeling and cutting the apples ( I cut them, Phil helped with the peeling) I realized I had two bags of frozen apples in the freezer. (These were leftovers from the last two times I made an apple tart and used to many apples and then forgot that I had extras from the time before) My mom suggested making apple crisp since Joe and Grace were coming for dinner. Once I had washed the measuring cups and mixing bowl, I refueled and began making a crisp. After both my desserts were baked I set them on the counter to cool. I was thrilled with the way my tart turned out and ran outside to our garden to garnish it with a bit of mint. The sun was shining through our kitchen windows and it looked like a good place to take a picture of  my creation. The sun light makes all the difference on the picture, rather than dim yellow light hovering over such a dazzling dessert. 

This afternoon I wanted to do something fun with Crystal since Ruby had been invited to play with friends. We decided to make cupcakes. I made the batter, and baked them while crystal licked the spatula and tested the cooked cupckakes. After they cooled,we frosted them with baby blue and light yellow frosting and then bedazzled them with some colorful sprinkles. Emma came over while we were frosting them and asked for a cupcake with blue frosting. After she licked off all the frosting she loudly announced that she would like another one. We just put some more blue frosting on top and she was very satisfied. This concludes this weeks baking marathon for now, you never know I might end up making something tomorrow. I doubt it though.I posted some pictures of the cakes my mom made for Pauls Birthday.

Posted By: Ellen W.

Chocolate cake for Pauls Birthday

Angle Food cake ( Paul's Favorite)

My " dazzling dessert"

I love how the sun shines on it.

For dessert everyone wanted a little tart and a little crisp.

You can tell Emma really liked the
cupcakes( or should I say the frosting?)

Emmas Favorite Frosting : )

These are my favorite sprinkles
Jael loved the frosting

She finally gets to eat one with frosting on it!

Ruby enjoying her cupcake : )


  1. Very good!!! Isn't it soooo fun !!!!!!

  2. sounds like a fun time! By the way, the desserts look yummy:)

  3. Marie- yes, i love it!!!
    Elena- thankyou, by the way, i like reading your blog!

    - Ellen :)

  4. You make me hungry just looking at all your desserts! But that's not hard these days!

    I have to agree you're tart is very dazzling with the sun shining on it : )

  5. Anything apple sounds so good right now; the flavor is just so 'fallish'. Those looked delicious, and I'll bet they tasted great too! It's getting into that time of year again; pies on every counter, cooks in every corner, and many little samplers ready to get a nip at the highly sought-after warm baked goods (and who are often bitterly dissappointed at the thought of letting them sit and wait until the table is set and the guests arrive). Speaking of samples, Leanna made something Kathy taught her to make and when she brought it home and baked it, the sweet apple fragrance drifted through the air, and everyone's nostrils twitched to the smell of cooking. Needless to say, it was all gone by the time dinner was on the table. Mmmmm...

    P.S.- If you have any 'hit' recipes for Thanksgiving, could you post what seems good to you?

    April :^)

  6. Excuse me!?!? Why did I not get a piece of that "dazzling dessert"??? My goodness...

  7. Ellen - that tart looks so good and so PERFECT ... wow - you'll have to send up a sample next time!!!