Sunday, June 19, 2011

Please help me... if you can

I read this riddle last week and it has been racking my brain since. I just can't seem to figure it out, see if you can...

Three people go to a restaurant and each buy a meal for $10. Together, they pay the waitress a total of $30.

The waitress goes to the boss and gives him the money ($30). The boss tells her that when three people order the same dish it is only $25. The boss gives the waitress $5 and tells her to give it back to the customers.

The waitress doesn’t know how to give back $5 to three people, but comes up with an idea. She keeps $2 in her own pocket and gives one dollar to each one of the three customers($3).

How much did each customer pay?
$10 paid
$1 back

3 customers x $9 = $27
+ $2 in the waitress’s pocket
= $29

What happened to the last dollar???


  1. Bonnie,
    Count starting with the $25, then add the three given back and the two the waitress kept.

  2. There is no missing dollar:) The people paid 25$ together and each got a dollar back (28$) (not 9$ each) and the waitress kept 2$. That makes 30$

  3. Bonnie,

    The way the riddle is written is meant to confuse you but if you add it the way naomi and marie said it works out perfectly! :)

    It's so fun to solve riddles!


  4. Each of the patrons of the restaurant paid 9 dollars, and there is 1 dollar in the pocket/wallet of each patron. (9*3)+(3*1)=30 The waitress helped herself to 2 of the 27,(9*3), dollars that the patrons paid, because the restaurant only required payment of 25 dollars for the meals. (9*3)-2= 25. ;)