Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

Yesterday, August 10th, was my Mom's birthday. It is very hard to decide what to get your Mom for a birthday present. Wait, let me rephrase that, it is very easy to decide what to get your Mom for a birthday present; it is very hard to find something affordable to get your mom for a birthday present. Every year I try to think of something that my mom would really, really like for a gift, and every year I get stuck. But, finally, with help (and funds) from my Dad we decided what to get her. I would love to tell you what it is, but I can’t, because, my Mom doesn’t even know what it is yet. You see, the “thing” is so advanced that it hasn’t even come out yet. (It’s supposed to coming out in late August though) So, we told our mom about it and she was very happy, but not because of the gift that is coming, but because all of us children (Grace, Olivia, Bonnie, Ellen, Paul, Ruby, Crystal, Joe) and Dad that were there to celebrate with her. I am so thankful for my Mom, and I know that sometimes I don’t show it, I know that I don’t show it at times when she tells me to clean the bathroom, or to iron, or scrub the porch. Still, I know she loves me, and that is very comforting. She is my example, who I want to be like when I grow up. I can see the Word of God living through her. I can see the fruit in her life that comes from honoring her Mother and Father. And I know that she will always love me and my brothers and sisters, and of course, my Dad. Happy Birthday. I love you Mom!


  1. Here! Here!

    And I bet I can guess the present...

    (But I don't quite understand, first you said she doesn't know what it is, but then you said you told her?)

  2. What I mean is that we explained that the present wasn't out yet. And told her that shes really gonna like it!