Friday, August 13, 2010

It's A Watch-Night

When I was little I loved when big-sister Grace would babysit us. We would always ask our Mom, or Grace, "Is it a watch-night?" Now I babysit the O'Connor's and every Friday night it is a “watch-night” (Philip is usually the one to ask). I have been watching the O’Connor’s since I was thirteen and I really enjoy it. All five children are very special and love every one of them. Tonight was extra fun. We had chicken McNuggets, watched the cat play with a mouse then went to Grandpa's pool for a swim. Afterwards, we stayed outside for Mattie Scamman's Birthday party. He had a huge piƱata and all the children in the neighborhood managed to meander out of their houses for just such an occasion. It was a beautiful night (minus the mosquitoes) and we had a great time. Some friends came over and we visited outside while the children enjoyed the party. I thank God for summer evenings with hardly anything to do but enjoy His creation.

Me with David, Daisy, Philip and Rose O'Connor and cousin Jael

This is My Ginny, she is so playful

Look at Daisy jump!
What a sweet face!

David and Philip are enjoying the pool
Ellen, Bonnie, Amy and Rachella
It's Party time.


  1. Wow, those O'Connor kids must be lucky to have such a great babysitter!

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  3. Leah, you bet they're lucky. How did you ever find such a great babysitter? :)

    Bonnie, I really like your blog, especially the top photo of your fam. You are also very lucky to be able to have children to love and give to. They probably don't give you time to really think about yourself. Experience (watching Nathan, Annie, and Elisabeth every Friday night) speaking!

    You can see our blog here.