Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Once upon a summer night…

During the summer it is so nice to have home-grown things to eat, tonight we had fresh salad, and tonight, like most nights, while making dinner we watched, well, Mom watched the Mariners. My Aunt Molly brought over some nectarines and Ellen made some killer cobbler! The recipe is listed below, it’s really for oatmeal cookies but we’ve been using it for cobblers ever since I can remember and it is dynamite. After dinner and dinner clean-up was finished we headed back outside to enjoy the warm summer evenings while they last (rumor has it that it might rain on the weekendL). The little girls played in the playhouse and with the kitty, some of the little cousins that live near came out and played soccer in the back yard with my Uncle John while I sat on the front porch with my Dad, Ellen, Grace and Joe and watched as they broke almost every rule possible. When the sun finally set we went back inside and had the fresh cobbler!

 Ellen and I in the kitchen (notice the Mariners in the background)
Fresh lettuce from our garden
This is the cobbler recipe (we only use the top part)
you should really try it, its gooooood
Cousins' Emma and Jael in the playhouse
Ellen, Dad and Me on the porch
Grace and Joe Jordan :)
lets play soccer!

 Crystal playing with Ginny

 Yummy Cobbler


  1. I love those kind of nights too! Just enjoying being with your family. We are very blessed indeed. That cobbler looks absolutely scrumptious! I'll have to give it a try.

  2. Hey Bonnie, very nice!!! You'll have to come up and show me how to create a blog one of these nights. Speaking of cobbler I just made a strawberry rhubarb :) Of course it was your recipe so it was soooo yummy!!!

  3. Yum! We've been enjoying our garden too! I've been cooking chicken (not homegrown) with fresh parsley. We eat fresh carrots right out of the ground, sugar snap peas, tomatoes! Nate even eats zucchini, after it's cooked into bread! :-) Nathan & Annie eat basil leaves as a snack, right off the plant... So yummy!