Friday, September 24, 2010

A Coloring Contest

I was all out of ideas for things the kids could do tonight while I was babysitting them, that is, besides watching a video. Putting on a movie is the easiest thing in the world; if you can find one that they all agree on, which can sometimes propose a problem, but, they watch one almost every other time I babysit, so I was trying to think of something different that they would all like. John and Paul were playing football so their problem was solved, but there are still four more children. Rose’s idea was Risk; I don’t even know how to play Risk, so that was off the list. David and Philip’s Idea was, stack up alphabet blocks and try to knock all of them down with one lucky letter, not quite my style, or Rose’s, or Daisy’s for that matter. Daisy’s idea was to watch “dittle bear”, more commonly known as, Little Bear, not quite the idea I had in mind either. So there, I was stuck, and then I thought, What about a coloring contest with a prize for the winner. They all liked that idea so we proceeded to finding a coloring picture for each of them. I was going to vote on them when I got home, but I saw who drew the pictures so that wouldn’t be fair. So please, if you could vote for your favorite picture shown below, that you be superb. Just vote by number and put it in the comment box - Happy voting :)








  1. Bonnie,
    It was such a hard decision! They all are great- but I had to go with my top three (in order)- 2, 3, 7

    PS- let us know who wins when finished! And what the prize is...

  2. 2 is my favorite! 7 is close! I really like thumper too!!!! (3)

  3. i deffenently think 2 is the best


  4. I like 6 and 7. All of them are good though. What's the prize?


  5. Bonnie -
    What a great idea! I think #3 definitely has the most artistic interpretation! (I think I can guess who the artist was!) I vote for 7 as my favorite, though.
    Bless you!

  6. I vote for #4. It looks pretty good for a little child. #7 looks very artistic.

    Thank you

  7. i like seven and number one...but they are all great. How fun.

  8. What were the age ranges in this contest?:) Because I have to say, if they are what I think they are I vote for 3 and 6. Very good idea, depending on if the children you are watching enjoy coloring for more than 5 minutes, but I know the O'Connors are very artistic so it was a perfect idea for them. I'll have to think of something creative for my next friday night.

  9. I'm going for #1 and #4 because... well, just because.

  10. I vote for, in order 7,2,1

  11. Hi Bonnie,

    I like number 1, because it is so brightly colored.