Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome Baby Madelyn

Today my 44th cousin was born, Madelyn Adelle Krawczyk. She is 7lbs and 3 1/2 oz, 20'' long and sooo lovable. Tonight, a few of my cousins, sisters and I got to go visit her and her proud Daddy and Mommy at the hospital. It is truely amazing that I already love little Maddie so much, and I hardly even know her, I got to spend an hour, looking at her, holding her, smelling her head, talking to her, holding her hand, and all the little things that come with new babies. She is a wonderful gift from the Lord and I look forward to watching her grow.


  1. Wow look at that head of hair! It's always so amazing to finally see what(and who)they look like when they are born. She is precious :)

  2. Bonnie - I just found your blog (from a link from the twin's) so I'll have to start "following" you :-) New babies are so amazing - and that goes for every one I have ever seen! Hope to see you at work next Tuesday. (That's my new work day because I teach school up here Mon., Wed, and Fridays now) Your friend, Mary Phares

  3. Wow! Forty-four cousins! My baby will be born with only ten cousins. :-p

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  5. Bonnie,

    Little Maddie looks quite at home in your arms. Molly will be looking for her and Emma at your house now.

    Louise - I wouldn't worry about it give it ten - twenty years ;-)

    Bless you Bonnie


  6. She is very beautiful. Although, I'm not surprised look at all her cousins. It must run in the family. :) Newborns are so much fun. When I held my nephew and nieces for the very first time, the thing I loved most was to just look at them asleep in my arms and kiss their soft little heads.

    Bless you,