Saturday, February 12, 2011

Driving Lessons

Today, my big brother Joe and sister Grace took me on my very first driving lesson. They took me to the parking lot behind Sear’s so I could get the feel of being in control of the vehicle. Since I have never driven anything in my life, not even a kids jeep or a golf cart, it took a while to get used to. It was a lot of fun. Thanks Joe & Grace :)

Grace was snapping pictures in the passenger’s seat


  1. Those are some pretty serious faces! Brings me back to some white knuckle moments of my own driving lessons.
    By the way - how did all three of you fit up front? ; )

  2. Bonnie, that's where I learned to drive! So looks like you will end up being a pretty good driver. ;)

  3. :) I remember when I first "drove" I was sooo nervous & it took me a while to get used to it too!

  4. I bet your parents are glad to have Joe to help teach you! :-)

  5. I agree with Louise. I'm sure your dad and mom were more than happy to allow Joe and Grace the wonderful privilege of driving with you.

    (Just let me know when you're out practicing... so I know not go anywhere just then. ;)

  6. My mom taught me to drive on back roads and she was very patient with me. It did not rub off on me when I was teaching my kids. Thankful for big brothers and sisters who take that on. Listen and learn so you can be a good driver.

    Diane P

  7. That's the perfect place to start- a Sears' backlot. It's spacious, it's long, and it's always empty! It's perfect!

    When we had our go-kart (years back), the kids (individually) drove about 1/4 mile before coming back to the house(no, Leanna didn't drive it by herself- yep, she was a youngin' then)! That played a major role in my 'driving practice' experience. I never drove without someone being the "Spotter". Yes. My dad was ever present, and I'm so glad! At one point (when I was still pretty little), believe it or not, my dad and I could sit beside each other on the go-kart, and we'd drive all the way over to John-Rodgers Elementary school (another practically always empty parking lot). That was my schoolin' out on the driving farm.

    Later, someone in my family (another youngster) allegedly remarked that I could "drive with a go-kart, sure, but she can't drive dad's van". Oh really? Well, let me tell you- I drove dad's van all the way to John-Rodgers, blinker and all, and dad had a pleasant ride!! Goes to show ya.

    Without my dad teaching me, I'd have failed, I'm sure. However, he did teach me, and he's a great driver. After all, he used to drive the California 'mainroads' in SanFran. Oh ya, I learned from the best!

    See you soon Bonnie, and congratulations!!! :)

  8. I agree with Louise and Leah. Being the oldest it was not fun for either of my parents or me when I started learning how to drive. My grandpa took me driving once and it was so nice! So it is quite a blessing having someone else who is able to do it. Learn lots and be careful, but remember it's all common sense. :-)

  9. Hey Bon! Joe & I feel very special to have administered your first ever driving lesson (although I don't think I'll work on my phone the whole time next lesson). We must do it again soon :)